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Providing the care you need in a small office setting

All children are precious, and all children need love. We believe your family becomes part of our family from the first moment. Pittsburgh Therapy Solutions primarily provides speech therapy services for ages three to twenty one. We are committed to helping each child reach their unique potential in all skill areas. Each session is individually designed to fit your family's needs, understanding that is not always possible to bring the client to us or for the therapist to be in your home, knowing that each and every student may have special needs that may prohibit initial face to face contact with a therapist.  Anxiety, phobias, lack of transportation, work schedules, sports schedules, and other unforeseen circumstances happen in life.  Because of these ever-changing schedules, Pittsburgh Therapy Solutions remains committed to being flexible with your family.  As a mobile therapy company, we are equipped to provide services in a variety of settings including your home, private schools, day cares, cyber schools, social settings, and online (tele practice).  


If you feel your child needs our services or have additional questions, feel free to contact us. Our screenings are free and usually only take thirty minutes. We look forward to hearing from you. 



“I am extremely happy with my daughters therapy progress.  Mandi offers consistency while engaging my daughter throughout every session."


Stacy Whitman


“Mandi has a positive attitude and she knows what to do to keep my son's attention.  Her warm personality makes every visit enjoyable.  My son's speech has improved significantly within a short period of time."


Rebecca Jones

“Due to special circumstances my son was not able to participate in traditional face to face therapy sessions.  Mandi was able to evaluate and treat him via tele practice.  This relieved a huge burden from our family and her willingness with to work with my son's specific needs makes her extra special.”


Sharon Beatty


“Mandi's social skills language group has taught my daughter conversational skills and increased her ability to understand other people's thoughts and feelings. She better understand how her own behaviors and words can impact others.”


Marla Mitchell

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